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May 20, 2012

Skinny cow

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Living with PCOS usually means having to watch what you eat. I’ve used the Americanised “skim” rather than “skimmed” milk here as it’s an easier fit 😉 My local milkman delivers 1% fat milk which is a nice compromise between semi and skimmed.

I realised after I’d finished this that I might have got carried away with the ‘wobbliness’ (as my husband describes it, though my friend Bug says it could be a “milkshake”), probably because I distracted by an episode of the detective TV series Castle whilst I was drawing. I was initially indecisive about what exactly should go on the cow, so thanks should also go to Bug, LNR and Ceb for other suggestions which may still come to fruition.

Skinny cow

P.S. I’m not particularly enamoured by the way my images are turning out when scanned (which still involves a perilous detour to my local library and then battling with our home Mac). I recently started resizing the images when I realised my WordPress account was nearly full (I still have to go back and shrink the older ones) but I’m not convinced by the results. Any advice welcome.

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