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September 16, 2014

30 Film Females: A Quick Re-cap

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It hardly seems like three months since I first started this “30 Film Females” blog series.  I’ve really enjoyed revisiting some great characters and stories, and my TV recorder is brimming with films to potentially blog in the near future.  It’s also been an interesting challenge to illustrate each film (given my limited artistic abilities) and also try to relate certain plot points to my own experiences as a woman (especially given the medical origins of this blog).  I’m now a third of my way through the three decades and thought it was time for a quick re-cap.  One thing I haven’t really done as originally planned is ascertaining if each film actually passes the Bechdel test, but at least three are on list of “50 Greatest Films That Pass The Bechdel Test” that Total Film magazine posted earlier this year.

As always, feel free to ask questions or suggest your own characters, films, drawing, etc.  Here’s the list of the ten films so far (in the order published):


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