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April 13, 2015

I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Mutant Replicant

Filed under: films, SciFi — ootastic @ 4:45 pm

I am the very model of a modern mutant replicant;
I’ve come to Earth to flout the law and generally be deviant.
I spend my days avoiding being put into retirement;
I may be a machine but I am actually quite sentient;

My kind is engineered with this new-fangled gene technology.
A Voight-Kampf test identifies our complete lack of empathy.
We’re usually banished to some obscure off-world colony.
People call us skin-jobs but we find that quite derogatory.

I’m specially trained for combat, also homicide political,
Plus covert ops, and menial jobs for military personnel;
A fully-equipped self-sufficient battle-ready stealth model.
In summary, I am nothing like a modern major-general.

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