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May 12, 2017

Collected miscarriage comics

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I first started drawing comics when I was struggling to get (and stay) pregnant.  Given that fertility problems affect an estimated one in six couples and that up to a quarter of pregnancies end in miscarriage, it should be of no surprise to find so many comics on these topics. This is the first of two posts collecting links to relevant comics and other illustrations. Please feel free to point me to any I’ve missed!

Diane Noomin’s groundbreaking comic “Baby Talk: A Tale of 4 Miscarriages” was published in the now defunct Twisted Sisters anthology (though can be glimpsed on the web here and here) and has inspired many, including LaydeezDoComics (LDC) co-founder Sarah Lightman.  Fellow LDC member and Paula Knight recently published her graphic memoir, The Facts Of Life, which deals not only with recurrent miscarriage and long-term illness (ME/CFS) but also societal expectations of women and motherhood.  Kate Evans often provides illustrations for the Miscarriage Association (e.g. Partners Too and Teens Too) and Unravelling never fails to bring a tear to my eye.  Lucy Knisley shared a similar experience in A Record Playing By Itself and LDC Glasgow co-founder Anna Brewer did likewise in Sad News and subsequent posts. Non-fiction comics website The Nib published A Lost Possibility by Ryan Alexander-Tanner.  Ryan has also drawn What To Say (Nor Not Say) and Grieving a Miscarriage in collaboration with psychologist Jessica Tucker, who spearheaded the #IHadAMiscarriage social media campaign and also launched a range of pregnancy loss greetings cards.  Meanwhile male perspectives of miscarriage are show in this sketch by Curtis Wiklund and the episode Loss of the web-comic Crtl+Alt+Del by Tim Buckley.  In fact, the latter spawned an internet meme – and while miscarriage is no laughing matter, wider acknowledgment of its impact can only help.  Finally, while not comics-related, Marjolaine Ryley’s Arts Council funded project thethinbluelinethedeepredsea explores pregnancy loss in the arts.

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