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February 8, 2017

Discworld Revisited recap: 10 down, 31 to go!

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Nearly two years ago, after the sad death of author Terry Pratchett, I decided to re-read all of the Discworld novels in chronological order and tweet my favourite lines (which often reflect current affairs).  I’ve now finished ten of the forty-one books and though I’d have a recap:

The Colour of Magic: Twoflower grinned. “Magic is one thing, and reflected-sound-as-of-underground-spirits is another.” (24 Aug 2015)

The Light Fantastic: The other skeletal hand held small cubes of cheese and pineapple on a stick…”I WAS AT A PARTY.” (3 Oct 2015)

Equal Rites: “Stop stuttering, man, you’d think you’d never seen a women before.” (7 Jan 2016)

Mort: “I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU,” he said, “BUT I COULD MURDER A CURRY.” (30 Jan 2016)

Sourcery: “Not much call for a barbarian hairdresser…no one wants a shampoo-and-beheading.” (4 Mar 2016)

Wyrd Sisters (my favourite so far): “When shall we three meet again?”…”Well, I can do next Tuesday.” (26 Mar 2016)

Pyramids: “…I think it’s called a mocracy, and it means everyone in the whole country can say who the new Tyrant is.” (13 Jun 2016)

Guards! Guards!: “I knew this cross-eyed gorgon once, oh, she was a terror. Kept turning her own nose to stone.” (12 Jul 2016)

Moving Pictures: “T’was beauty killed the beast.”…”No, it wasn’t. It was splatting into the ground like that.” (5 Nov 2016)

Reaper Man: Every day took an age to go by, which was odd, because days plural went past like a stampede. (23 Dec 2016)


June 25, 2016

30 Film Females: The Reader (2008)

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I was treated to a rare lie-in this morning as my three year old son happily stayed in bed reading his Mr Men book.  In the current stormy weather – both climatic and politic – I appreciate more than ever the benefits of a good book (and publicly funded libraries).  The ever excellent Kate Winslet finally won an Oscar for her role in The Reader as the former concentration camp guard whose burgeoning literacy leads to the discovery of truth and acceptance.  I don’t feel qualified to comment on the greater themes of the film, but am happy to endorse a love of books and the emotions – whether escapism, empathy or even disgust – they invoke.  So…what are you reading?

Honourable mentions for 2008: Keira Knightley navigating the double standards of 18th century aristocracy as The Duchess.  Also, Meryl Streep, Julie Walters and Christine Baranski joyfully shaking their middle-aged booties in Mamma Mia!


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