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April 28, 2017

“Fish And Slide Rules”: the Bille Tutte board game

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I pass by the Bill Tutte memorial on a regular basis and wanted to draw something to celebrate the upcoming centenary of his birth.  As usual, any errors are my own.


March 13, 2016

30 Film Females: The Theory Of Everything (2014)

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If you haven’t read Jane Hawking’s memoir about her life with theoretical physicist Stephen, I can thoroughly recommend it. Although actor Eddie Redmayne was feted for his mind-over-matter peformance in The Theory Of Everything, it is Felicity Jones who truly anchors the film with bravery and compassion.

I’m tempted to call this doodle “A Brief History Of Dime Bars”.  It originated in an old blog post spoofing on mathematical figures/graphs around PCOS food/weight issues.  Of course, Einstein’s real mass-equivalence equation is famously the only one to feature in Stephen Hawking’s popular science book A Brief History Of Time. Incidentally, as an ex-Cambridge resident I once happened to sit next to Stephen at the cinema…

Honourable mentions for 2014: appropriately, Jessica Chastain’s tenacious physicist (and Anne Hathaway’s biologist) in Interstellar.  Also, Emily Blunt’s super soldier in Edge Of Tomorrow.



January 4, 2016

Dorothy Hodgkin: Queen of Crystallography

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Dorothy Hodgkin is a name I came across during undergraduate biochemistry lectures and have admired ever since.  Thanks to Georgina Ferry for her enlightening biography; though any errors are mine.



March 9, 2015

30 Film Females: Contact (1997)

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As you may know, I’m a fan of Wikipedia lists and am mildly disappointed to see the Fictional female scientists page doesn’t feature some of my favourites (though the generic page is more complete).  One of those I’d add if I had more spare time is persistent SETI scientist Ellie Arroway played intelligently by Jodie Foster in the science fiction drama Contact.  These days I find myself more interested in the film’s themes of parental love rather than its dialogue between science and religion, though the image that immediately sprung to mind was the famous The Creation of Adam in the Sistine Chapel (which I would love to see in person someday).  Hopefully it should be obvious that I’ve drawn an alien hand (reminiscent of E.T?) reaching out to touch that of a woman – I added the stereotypical jewellery and nail varnish, but would like to say I know plenty who go without (and men with!).

Honourable mentions for 1997: Milla Jojovich’s alien saviour Leeloo in The Fifth Element and Judi Dench as a staid yet sympathetic Queen Victoria in Mrs Brown.



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